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The frozen cap of our planet the weight of the ice is the reason the southern hemisphere is at the bottom. Once due to global warming the ice melts the hemispheres  will reverse changing the weather patterns correcting all weather problems and making the world right once more.



the hilly home of the warrior monks or the safety septons or something. This land of mountains and snow is great if you want to go “find yourself” as it’s empty and you will see nothing but yourself.



The mother land home of the toughest coldest people left almost invincible after being pickled in vodka since birth. A country that has never been conquered despite spanning huge tracks of land and snow, where you have to drink vodka because beer would just freeze.



the green heart of Africa the great soccer playing nation that is great or not or something, really who cares you’re not going to go are you? be honest.

North America


probably more Europe than north America, but home of the vikings so it’s all good no one argues with a viking at least not for long unless they want a double-sided axe to the head.

South America


see all other entries for south America add together and make 40% more boring


and were back to spread ignorance and my own mild form of racism once more with reviews of country’s I know nothing about.




so this great tropical country were the “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels” live (before you think that part is racist check your world war two history) is under developed and better for it with rain forests and wild boar go there you’ll love it.




the birth place of the Mongol horde and the mightiest Army to ravage the ancient world and some amazing sizzling beef. a place of sweeping plains and horses that run the country since the khans have gone.




The land that’s shaped like a boot! home of every second romantic European comedy made in the last few years and home of history, food and love if you believe it’s fans and the mafia, corruption and over reacting if your me.



South Africa

the land of plenty and a sparkling example of cross cultural relations and inclusiveness, the best cricket team in the world at the moment and a decent rugby team too, hosted the most annoying world cup ever though with those damn horns which should have caused all other country’s to declare war on them.




the socialist paradise of the Caribbean where doctors out number advertising men as it should be founded and run by the amazingly generous Castro family who may well be unkillable  if even half the assassination attempts claimed to have been used on him were true.



South America


OK so Peru i know nothing of Peru but lest just say that they suck full of half-starved drug lords and slave children this place is a hole of corruption where good folk go to die.

So there you have it folks six more countries you don’t have to visit yourself anymore.

and one post closer to the end