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Time to finally wrap up the vampire advice (I know very sad) with how to fight back once they control everything.

Now vampires are much smarter than their undead rivals zombies so it’s not quite so easy but they don’t work particularly well in groups which will help a lot. now vampires 4 showed you where to live and base your attacks so kept that in mind (or go back and read it)

Ok so what you need is a van with a UV  roof light array (like the one found in troll hunter) this should also be full of garlic and you need a stake gatling gun (like in blade) with a forest full of sharpened fire-hardened stakes in the back of the van.

also never go out alone always be in a team of 3 or more always armed and watching each others back always armed with the same weapons unless impossible but if using guns always ones that use the same kind of ammo.

now if they have taken complete control chances are there is a stong human following of slaves and/or familiars working for the vampires this presents a whole new problem as they are just as strong / weak as you garlic crosses holy water day light none of that will works so standard weapons and guards will be required.

a remote desert or hidden city dwelling is your best bet for staying un-captured with all of the previously mentioned safeguards.

One final piece of advice, when out have no mercy kill anything that moves vampire human or animal if you hesitate you will die.


time to learn what to do if the world is run by vampires, if they have bred in huge numbers if they now run the world what can you do.

first things first use the skill learnt in Vampires 2 to defend your home but your going to want to boost it up a little.

reinforcing your house, do it as best you can, steel bars over all doors and windows at least one room that has steel walls.

crosses everywhere cover your walls in them the same with garlic put it everywhere.

this is where you start to beef up your defence a little.

You will need a generator preferably a solar panel array with a deisel generator to back it up, if they conquer the world they will cut your power at some stage and you need it to run your UV lights.

Put up UV lights inside your house should always be light, it will suck to sleep for a while but better than getting sucked on while you sleep.

so that should have you protected enough now what about attacking back….


well that’s a story for another day. till then good luck against the undead no matter what there form.