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so I’ve given you some advice on the group how to kill where to go and what zombies you might face now some other useful advice to help you survive


don’t go with chainsaws or power tools awesome for a movie sure but will just slow you down make a lot of noise and increase your chances of hurting yourself, for blades get a katana or a machete get a small crowbar as it will help you get into places and bash a zombies head,


carry what you need if your going on a long trek take water store as much water as possible the mains will quickly dry up and dead bodies may contaminate rivers lakes ect if you find fresh water grab as much as practical,


sleep as often as possible but always have a watch, being well rested is vital when the big attack comes and you have to go two days without sleep as you trek through heavily infested areas,


will not help you it will slow you down tire you out and be ineffective light clothes with good mobility and warm if the climate isn’t


only fight if you know you can win otherwise run

Man Down:

if you fall behind your left behind every second counts and you can’t turn back for the guy that trips unless vitally important (ie only medic)

And read the zombie survival guide by Max brooks, what I’ve given you is just to whet your appetite he will give you a much more detailed run down on what you need to know.


so there you have it Zombies, now it’s time for vampires


By now you can identify a zombie you can kill them and you have your group of survivors (or your zombie food) but now you need a place to stay you can’t keep hoping from house to house store to store and hope to stay safe you need a permanent base to grow and rebuild from and this is what you need.

while walls fences ect are important if you’re in it for the long haul food and water will become very important and depending on the size of your group you will need some serious provisions to ensure a steady flow.

now your actual house may want to look like this one on the right check here for a full write-up on the house.

but while good for a short-term safe house without food and water you will be forced to evacuate, that’s why a small (less than 100km coast to coast) farming island with good fishing would be ideal,  a large ranch or cattle station in a desert or out bush near a river or spring on large flat expanses where site is easy would also be handy.  hill-top community’s while tactically good for fighting are unlikely to be large enough to have adequate farming.

the best thing about an island is that while getting started and clearing the island you can stay in houses like the on the side while you still have canned food ect to live off then as you clear the island you can begin farming set up fences and patrols and mealy sleep in your fortresses as the land would be safe enough to till and the coast or river to fish. then you can go about trying to set up electricity and raid mines or refinery on the mainland if the farming life is not for you.

so there you have it the perfect place to go in a zombie apocalypse is in fact kangaroo island small population large farms and plenty of  forests for fire wood if your only a small band perfect for a group of 10 – 1000 or more once set up and running smoothly.

so there you have it how to survive the zombie horde long-term stay tuned for my last zombie post (for a while at least) on a few helpful hints that you will need to have made it this far