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The Following has been removed by the [redacted] under statue [redacted] of the [redacted] act of 1935.

In the public interest you are now on a [redacted] watch list and may be contacted in the next 48 hours for questioning by agents from [redacted] we thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Well there you have it I’m engaged!

I can think of nothing funny to say about that because it just kinda makes me happy. But…

the fact that two other couples im friends with got engaged the same day and 1 other a day later means a conspiracy theory is a brewing so here goes.


There are three possible reasons, it may be just one or a pair or all of them in unison lets find out. but here’s what it could be


1. Government Mind control,

the government is at it again trying to distract people this time by firing a “Love Ray” that works much like a love potion but it’s a laser. much like the dance clubs ect this would stop you focusing on whats really happening because you have a wedding to plan, now this one may work on the unsuspecting but unless it’s been some serious long-term exposure and I’m taking months i doubt we would all have had rings ready (besides my superior yeti intellect would not fall to such childish weapons.)

 2. Infection,

some sort of alien brain parasite that requires more marriage for some reason. this is by far the most likely.

3. life,

life is weird strange stuff happens and you have to just run with it some days and it’s great I’ll have people to make fun of while going through it myself because 3 days in and I already hate being engaged and want to be married already. but all the best to the other excited couples, and yeah this sucks as a conspiracy too.