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So NASA has landed a probe on mars, or a mobile lab as they call it, but why they say the search for life…. but really?

I mean the last one didn’t even have a micrometer on board to scale their samples, and they almost forgot it this time, or the fact they only thought to add a plow after the wheel fell off  the last one, these seem like fairly simple things you’d want straight away when discovering new things on a new planet.


But what if that’s just the cover story what if the kg “mobile lab”  is in fact something more interesting.

Well of course it is or I wouldn’t be writing about it, now mars is about i far more greed based project than they tell you, while you might be thinking gold, silver, oil or coal you should be thinking H3 helium 3 the most useful material in the hunt for nuclear fusion, but simply mining it would be too easy.


You see while 900kg is the official weight of the rover only about 20kg of that is a camera straped to a toy car and solar battery something to send home pretty pictures,  the rest is a prototype reactor and helium 3 harvest equipment. you see it’s cheaper to test it up there than ship the H3 back to earth and for once safety that they try untested reactors on mars not earth.

This is of couse all run by NASA under the supervision of GOOGLE the “try not to be evil” company, who if they have cheap almost unlimited energy with the power and resources they already hold could join the fight with the rangas and lizard people for rule of the earth.