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Posted: May 19, 2017 in Stories
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Flesh slips from the bone catching slightly on the wrist as it sloughs to the floor. The necrotic flesh releases an ungodly odour as it slips open. I can no longer feel pain in my corrupted flesh but the stench is overpowering and I drop the shard of metal as I retch expelling nothing but bile and cramping my starved body even more. The creatures have kept me looked up with nothing but water dripping into my cell for three weeks now. Ample time for the wound I sustained during my capture to turn gangrenous if I had the guts I would have removed it a week ago and maybe not had to lose my whole arm. I pick the shard back up and begin to work cutting through the tendon in my shoulder to fully remove the infected tissue. This is slow torturous work the nerves in my shoulder still have feeling and I pass out at least twice before it finally snaps and my dead arm slaps to the ground I collapse to the floor next to it exhausted and begin to cry.

I still don’t know how all this happened or even what these creatures are that have imprisoned me. I never got a good look at them or I did but my eyes couldn’t focus on them. they seemed to be shrouded in shadow or fog. I couldn’t tell you how big they were, what colour or even how many limbs they had all I know for sure is that when they struck me it felt like being electrocuted and being frozen all at once and by the end of the day the wound had begun to fester.

I spent the rest of the day slipping in and out of conscious the pain and the hunger sapping what little energy I had, sleep is my only release I don’t know how much longer I can go on. I write this in the hope that someone will find it and know what happened to me. That it may act as some kind of warning or be of some use to the poor soul next imprisoned here. I fear I can’t continue.


I chose the yellow and he cut me free after administering the drug. Within seconds my mind started to clear, the fog that had so blanketed my mind for so long I hadn’t even noticed it lifted and everything was brighter and sharper.
I could think clearly for the first time since I woke up in this terrible place.

I turned to the orderly

“Now what”

He smiled and pointed to the door.

“Now your on your own, if you go out there and turn left you will find a window half way down the corridor we’re only on the second floor you should be able to climb down.”

He shook his head and said wryly

“Then I suggest you run”

I didn’t know what to think I was stunned, I froze. I snapped back to reality as the orderly slapped me hard across the face and I stagered.

“Go” he hissed at me

“you don’t have long”

I regained my composure and started walking to the door.

“Thankyou… for everything I don’t know why you did this for me but I will forever be in your debt, can I know your name”

He laughed to himself

“Ha oh you poor boy I didn’t do this for you, by the end of all this you will have paid me back many times over. Now go quickly”

“Thank you stranger whatever your reasons”

I ran out the room and climbed out of the window droping the last few meters landing hard but not injuring myself thankfully. I took off not looking back and ran for blocks before breaking into an abandoned old factory. I spent the night there trying to figure out what had happened to me. I still couldn’t remember anything that happened before waking up in that room. It was driving me insane eventually I gave up and fell into a fitfull sleep where I drop into the visons once more.

The next few months were full of sleeping under bridges and in parks untill I finally made a plan to get out of the country, my memories never came back and the visions lessened but never stoped not even now ten years later.

I hoped countries for years but for three years now Morocco as been home I finally feel safe I’ve stopped looking over my shoulder and distrusting doctors.

“So yeah thats my story I suppose thanks for listening and for buying me a drink, I’ve never told anyone I don’t really know why I’ve told you.”

“Guess I just have a trustworthy face young man, I get it a lot”

“I’m sure you do Kali I’m sure you do”