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Eskimos and penguins both have a lot in common but maybe a little too much have you ever wondered the real reason penguins can’t fly or Eskimos club seals well no longer it’s time reveal the truth.

you see the penguin is in fact just a baby Eskimos or one of the triplets that then combine at a certain age to become an Eskimos to put it more accurately.

but let me explain their life cycle a little better,

you see the Eskimo does in fact give birth to penguins or eggs more accurately those eggs then slowly mature and hatch into penguins who go through the normal penguin life cycle and then with two of their brothers or sisters morph into an Eskimo child that then grows up and lives as a normal human child.

I’m sure you currently saying that’s ridiculous whats wrong with you, you racist fool! but you see Eskimos are actually aliens which is why they have a life cycle so different to that of any life form on earth.

and if you stop to think it will tell you why penguins can’t fly like all flightless birds they aren’t real birds they are something else completely, in this case alien Eskimos.

and why Eskimos club seals and go whaling if your children were eaten on mass by an animal wouldn’t you hunt it of course you would.

so next time you see Eskimo and say how wrong it is to club seals think of your own kid being eaten by a seal and what that would make you do you heartless fool.