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The Following has been removed by the [redacted] under statue [redacted] of the [redacted] act of 1935.

In the public interest you are now on a [redacted] watch list and may be contacted in the next 48 hours for questioning by agents from [redacted] we thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Back once more to delve into the secrets of this mysterious society and the role they have played in shaping the world. I have recently discovered evidence showing  previous leaks be they intentional or not below are a few.

Girolamo Fracastoro proposed germ theroy in the 16th century and was almost laughed out of the medical profession as a result of this seemingly ridiculous theroy that invisible bugs were the cause of disease, this was of course knowledge he gained from one of the nine. Due to the rest of the worlds rejection I assume that the leak was one that the nine had not planed but rather an unintended leak.

For a more planed leak we should look instead to the apollo program and man walking on the moon a feat that still has not been matched despite the passage of 60 years and supposedly much greater technical advancement. This was done in part to end the cold war and unite mankind in one great achievement.

Back too the books.

Found in the sixth book is all about the secrets of gravity, including the ways in which to make anti-gravity aircraft called Vimana, which are featured heavily in Indian mythology,  or flying carpets featured in Arabian folklaw and even in flying broomsticks in European folk stories.


In the seventh book there is said to be a vast, exhaustive amount of information on cosmology and the workings of the universe, how to bend space and time, travel between dimensions and possibly even faster than light travel. This tome also contained the knowledge of a helocentric view of the solar system and the size of our galaxy long before they were acepted theroys.

So there we have it the first seven books from the mysterious nine.

Come back next time to see the final two books, or don’t I can’t tell you what to do be your own person and think you big idiot.