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and again i come to defile your love of something something, I don’t know blah, post 80 YAY!

so the world hey lets review some more places I’ve never been.



The land across the ditch, home of sheep and hobbits, ice and mountains a local inhabitants that chased off the english “colonisation” and prone to earth quakes and craziness, major exports are sheep, bad accents, steel fixers and folk music.



All hail the glorious leader inventor of the lightbulb rocket ship and goodness, join him in his ultimate utopia that he made from the corrupt ruins of US occupation.



A place that hit its peak a couple thousand years ago is best known for half-naked “ultimate warriors” and is currently so broke they turn to bank robbing woman haters to run their country.



the last country listed, spelt wrong and probably does other things but hey.

North America


the most polite country in the world apparently unless you play ice hockey in which case you will die a terrible terrible death as they run rings around you and fry you up to eat with maple syrup and bacon.

South America


Their money is pink and purple, there slums are disgusting and they destroy the rain forest at a sickening rate but boy can they throw a party and play soccer.


so there you have some causal racism from your tired bored benefactor use it wisely or i will hunt you down and eat your soul!