Conspiracy Theory 24: Medallion fund A.I.

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Conspiracy theory's
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The medallion fund is one of the most profitable, secretive and exclusive investment funds in the world and it is all run by the world’s leading artificial intelligence. this may seem like a ludicrous claim but let me just lay down some of the facts for you and you will see a very convincing argument.

First some history of the medallion fund.

It is the employee only investment fund for renaissance technologies one of if not the best preforming hedge fund operating today. renaissance has roughly 300 employees 90 of whom hold PHD’s this alone would be remarkable if those doctorates were in fiance related fields but they have no economics or accounting PHD’s in there ranks they have a dozen mathematics doctorates which makes sense and a large collection of computer science doctorates which also makes sense once  you know they run not only there own operating system but also there own self made coding language. Now at this point they seem a little eccentric but all field leading company’s do something a little different from the norm that’s what make the difference.

This is where things get  weird medallion has a large contingent of physicists including now senior managers and former string theory wonder kids Stephen and Vincent Della Pietra a pair of identical twins know for their intense shouting matches and brilliant minds.

They also have former code breakers from British Intelligence the CIA and the KGB. a large contingent of former IBM employees and multiple linguist PHD’s who’s work was instrumental in the foundations of Google Translate and Siri.

To best sum it up  there is this quote from Andrew Lo, a finance professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management taken from

“Renaissance is the commercial version of the Manhattan Project”

But back to the money for awhile. An average hedge fund return is 10% a good  fund return is 15% outstanding is 25%. Medallion have an average return of over 45% over the last 30 years with any single year not dropping below 27% this is despite charging almost double the normal accounting fees. Quite simply these are the kind of returns you normally  only find in pyramid schemes despite only offering shares to employees.

So where is the A.I. I here you scream at me after 400 words of waffle.

Well I argue that the kinds of results they gather and the team they have built point to the world’s most advanced A.I. actually being the brain power behind the success that medallion enjoy as well as the secrecy that they treasure

Now let us put this all together we have a secretive multi billion dollar company full of computer scientists,language experts,theoretical physicist, code breakers and mathematics doctorates that make money in ways noone else can using gigantic computer banks and more raw data than any other company can handle. To me this all points to them building an artificial intelligence that can work and master the Information in ways a human mind can’t  that can see patterns where people only see noise and meaning where even the smartest of humans sees chaos. Only time will tell once this superior intelligence gains sentience how it will see its money driven creators and humanity in general.

Till next time friends.

I’m sure there will be more to come with this story.


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  2. Dirk DeVries says:

    “There” refers to a place, but “their” refers to people. Otherwise an interesting article.
    Thank you.


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